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Testosterone Therapy
Marina del Rey

If you’re feeling tired, moody, and have a low sex drive, you may be experiencing low testosterone levels. Thankfully at Remedy Wellness & Anti Aging we offer testosterone therapy in Marina del Rey to all patients who are in need of an extra wellness boost.

What Is Low Testosterone?

A man’s fundamental reproductive traits, such as the generation of sperm, the enlargement of the penis and testicles, and the emergence of sex desire, are all influenced by testosterone. However, as men age, their testosterone levels steadily decrease, leading to a number of changes that have a detrimental influence on their life.

As middle age approaches, these minor alterations may become more obvious due to the up to 1% annual decline in total testosterone concentrations that occurs before the age of 40.

When men reach their late 40s and early 50s, the impacts of low-T may eventually have a considerable influence on a variety of elements of their life, including their general sense of self-worth and their romantic relationships. That said, testosterone therapy in Marina del Rey also known as TRT can help balance out that decline and bring your levels back to normal.

man after testosterone therapy in Marina del Rey

What Are the Effects of Low-Testosterone?

There are a few signs and symptoms associated with low-T such as:

  • Low libido and low sex desire
  • Fatigue and insufficient energy
  • Mood swings, such as agitation and sadness
  • Loss of strength and muscular mass
  • Increased body fat, especially around the abdomen
  • Decline in bone density that may cause osteoporosis
  • Erection problems
  • Either infertility or a low sperm count
  • Decrease in the development of body hair or male pattern baldness
  • Concentration issues and memory issues
  • Among others…

How Can Testosterone Hormone Replacement Therapy Help?

The symptoms of low-T may be reduced by testosterone hormone replacement treatment, which can help restore men’s falling levels of the hormone. This treatment may stimulate sex desire, build muscular mass, improve bone density, and decrease body fat by raising testosterone levels. Mood and energy levels may also be raised, and general wellbeing can be enhanced by getting regular treatments.

Injections, gels, patches, or pills are just a few of the ways that hormone replacement treatment may be administered. Testosterone therapy in Marina del Rey can also be tailored to the requirements of each patient.

Benefits of TRT

TRT offers men a variety of benefits, including:

  • Improved sex desire
  • Higher bone density
  • A bigger muscular frame
  • Improved mood, more energy, and decreased body fat
  • Enhanced general wellbeing
  • Reduces low-T symptoms
  • Can be tailored to each patient
  • Comes in a variety of forms
  • Offers quick and long-lasting benefits

Who Is a Candidate for Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

For men who have been diagnosed with low-T, these treatments can be extremely helpful. Some probable TRT candidates include the following:

  • Men who have low testosterone production
  • Men with Klinefelter syndrome
  • Men who have had their testicles removed
  • Men who have abnormalities of the pituitary gland
  • Men who have had chemotherapy or radiation treatment
  • Men exhibiting signs of low testosterone

During your consultation with our medical professionals, we will go over your symptoms as well as do a thorough diagnosis to ensure you are the right candidate for this form of therapy.

Cost of TRT Treatments

The course of treatment for testosterone therapy in Marina del Rey that you follow will be determined by your particular objectives. As a direct result of this, the price will change depending on what you need and how many sessions are needed.

man after testosterone therapy in Marina del Rey

Testosterone Therapy FAQs

What are the different forms of testosterone therapy?

Injections, gels, patches, pellets, and oral medicines may all be used to provide testosterone therapy.

What are the potential side effects of testosterone therapy?

Acne, fluid retention, an increase in red blood cells, breast enlargement, mood swings, and reduced testicular size are all possible adverse effects of testosterone treatment. That said, you and your medical expert will first go through your medical history to ensure you’re the right candidate for this type of treatment.

How long does it take for testosterone therapy to work?

Testosterone therapy can take around 1 to 2 weeks to acclimate to the body. While some people may just need a few weeks, others may need many months to see improvements in their symptoms.

How often do I need to get testosterone therapy injections?

The treatment strategy and individual requirements determine how often a patient receives testosterone therapy injections. Injections are typically given every one to two weeks, although the precise dose and frequency will be chosen by our medical professional.

Can testosterone therapy improve sexual function?

Those with low testosterone levels may benefit from testosterone treatment in terms of their ability to improve their sexual health. It could raise one’s libido, erectile capacity, and level of sexual pleasure.

Will testosterone therapy help me build muscle and lose fat?

Although it cannot be used as a stand-alone treatment, testosterone therapy may help with improved muscle mass and fat reduction. For best effects, you must combine it with a balanced diet, moderate exercise, and lifestyle changes.

Learn More About Our Testosterone Replacement Therapy in Marina Del Rey, CA

If you believe that you might be deficient in testosterone, please give our medical experts a call. We would be happy to get you started with a consultation to determine whether our TRT is right for you!

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