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Marina Del Rey

If you’ve been noticing new health concerns or symptoms as you age, you may be dealing with a hormonal imbalance. Thankfully we offer BioTE in Marina Del Rey which is a form of hormone replacement therapy that can be tailored to both women and men’s needs for the optimal results.

What Is BioTE?

Our bodies naturally produce less hormones as we age, including essential hormones like estrogen and testosterone. These hormones are vital for controlling the operation of the reproductive system, heart health, bone density, and brain functioning, among other biological processes.

Numerous symptoms might result from hormone imbalances. Fortunately, there is a treatment called Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy or BHRT that aims to treat these symptoms by reestablishing hormonal balance.

BHRT uses synthetic hormones that are structurally comparable to the hormones your body naturally produces. This will enable your body to detect and use the replacement hormones as it would hormones generated normally, thus relieving your symptoms.

BioTE in Marina Del Rey

How Does BioTE Work?

Bioidentical hormones that are specially formulated to closely resemble the hormones your body naturally generates are used in BioTE. Instead of being made synthetically, the hormones come from natural sources.

BioTE in Marina Del Rey works by utilizing a tiny pellet that is then implanted beneath the skin, often in the hip or buttock region, to release these hormones to your body.

Over the course of many months, the pellets deliver a constant, small quantity of hormones into your circulation, assisting in the restoration of hormonal balance and the relief of symptoms associated with hormone imbalance.

The goal of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is to treat hormonal imbalances such as those caused by menopause, perimenopause, and andropause, as well as other conditions.

BioTE in Marina Del Rey

Benefits of BioTE

BioTE offers a multitude of benefits for both women and men, one of which being that it can help reduce various health concerns and symptoms. Some of the benefits include:

  • Alleviates a wide range of symptoms associated with hormone imbalance.
  • Reduces symptoms of menopause such as hot flashes, night sweats, tiredness, and mood fluctuations.
  • Helps with weight maintenance.
  • Enhances libido.
  • Increases bone density.
  • Increases heart health.
  • Increases mental function.

To learn more about the benefits of BioTE in Marina Del Rey, contact us today!

woman after BioTE in Marina Del Rey

Who Is a Candidate for BioTE Treatment?

Anyone who has been identified as having a hormone deficiency or suffering symptoms of hormonal imbalance may be a candidate for BioTE therapy. Both men and women may have hormonal imbalances, which can be brought on by a range of things such as age, stress, health conditions, or lifestyle choices.

If you’d like to know whether BioTE is the appropriate treatment for you, it’s crucial to speak with our medical professionals. To ascertain if you have a hormonal imbalance or deficit, we will assess your symptoms, carry out a physical examination, and order lab testing. They will also go through the advantages and disadvantages of BioTE therapy, assisting you in making the best decision possible for you and your health.

What to Expect During Your Consultation & Treatment

Your BioTE consultation will include going over your present symptoms, family medical history, and medicines or supplements you’re taking. We may also do a physical exam and request blood testing to diagnose hormone imbalances or deficiencies.

Your medical expert will implant pellets beneath the skin in the hip or buttock during BioTE in Marina Del Rey. Local anesthetic is often used for the 10-minute implantation process. The insertion site may be sore or bruised for a few days.

After pellet implantation, hormones may take several days to a week to start functioning and relieve symptoms. Your doctor will monitor your hormone levels and symptoms to optimize therapy as the months go by.

How Long Does BioTE Last For?

The quantity of hormones administered, the patient’s unique hormonal requirements, and the pace at which the body metabolizes the hormones all affect how long BioTE therapy lasts.

The normal lifespan of BioTE pellets is three to five months. The hormones are slowly released into the circulation after being implanted in the pellets over time. The patient’s particular reaction to the therapy will determine the length of symptom alleviation and when they need a follow-up appointment.

How Often Should You Get BioTE treatments?

The number of times a person receives BioTE in Marina Del Rey is based on their hormonal requirements and the pace at which their body metabolizes hormones. Patients typically get BioTE treatments every three to six months, but some may need them more often.

Based on your particular requirements, our medical expert will choose the best treatment plan for you. In addition, they’ll frequently check your hormone levels to make sure the medication is working and is safe for you.

Learn More About Our BioTE Treatments

If you’re ready to learn more about our BioTE treatments, please give us a call and we would be happy to go through the consultation and implantation process with you!

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