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Shockwave Therapy
Marina del Rey

Chronic pain can happen because of various underlying conditions, injuries, and illnesses. Until recently, the only solutions for chronic pain involved opioids or surgeries. But thanks to recent innovations, we can alleviate chronic pain and stimulate natural regeneration without opioids or surgical intervention. Shockwave therapy in Marina del Rey allows us to activate your body’s innate healing properties to alleviate acute and chronic pain.

Alleviate Chronic Pain with Acoustic Waves

Shockwave therapy is a new, non-invasive treatment for chronic pain. Shockwave therapy uses high-frequency sound waves to stimulate healing in the body. The acoustic waves are created using a special machine that focuses the waves on the area of pain. The sound waves travel deep into the tissues, where they break up scar tissues that may be causing pain. Shockwave therapy can also facilitate the formation of new blood vessels, release trigger points, dissolve accumulated calcium, and reverse chronic inflammation to speed up recovery.

woman after shockwave therapy in Marina del Rey

Shockwave Therapy Helps With The Following:

  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Achilles tendonitis
  • Patellar tendinitis
  • Calcific tendinitis
  • Myofascial pain syndromes
  • Stress fractures
  • Shoulder pain
  • Elbow pain
  • Hip pain
  • Knee pain
  • Other types of pain

Your Shockwave Therapy Experience

Shockwave therapy is a simple procedure that concludes within 30 minutes. Your medical provider will discuss your symptoms and administer numerous tests to identify the diseased or damaged tissues responsible for chronic pain. After a thorough evaluation, the medical provider will use a shockwave applicator to deliver highly-calibrated acoustic waves into the targeted tissues. The acoustic waves stimulate cellular regeneration and break down the scar tissues responsible for chronic pain.

Side Effects of Shockwave Therapy

There is no downtime after shockwave therapy in Marina del Rey, and you should be able to return to your normal activities immediately. At most, you may experience mild soreness around the treatment area for up to 4 hours. You should refrain from intense physical activities for 2 days to give the injured area enough time to heal.

Benefits of Shockwave Therapy:

  • Non-invasive treatment for chronic pain
  • Stimulates natural regeneration and healing
  • Reduce acute and chronic pain
  • Speed up the recovery process after injuries
  • Increase range of motion
  • Improve blood circulation
  • No major side effects or complications
  • Resume daily activities immediately
  • Help you avoid surgery
woman after shockwave therapy in Marina del Rey

Results of Shockwave Therapy

The results of shockwave therapy appear gradually over multiple sessions. You may need 3 to 5 shockwave therapy sessions over several weeks to stimulate natural regeneration. You will start noticing improvements a few days after your first session, but the final results will be evident after your final session is complete.

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